BABYMETAL広島公演「LEGEND − S − 洗礼の儀 − 」についてのご報告とお詫び

12月2日(土)及び3日(日)広島グリーンアリーナにて行われるBABYMETAL「LEGEND − S − 洗礼の儀 − 」公演におきまして、メンバーの一人YUIMETALが体調不良により、本公演への出演が難しいと医師から診断された為、残念ながら二日間ともライブへの出演を見送ることにさせて頂きました。



今回出演できないYUIMETALの思いも含め、SU-METAL、MOAMETAL、スタッフ一同、お集まり頂いた皆様と一緒に、「LEGEND – S − 洗礼の儀 − 」の会場がひとつ「THE ONE」となるような公演を目指して参りますので、参加される皆様のご理解、ご協力を宜しくお願い申し上げます。


Important Notice about the Hiroshima Performance LEGEND – S – BAPTISM XX –

This is an important notice regarding today and tomorrow’s performance LEGEND – S – BAPTISM XX – at Hiroshima Green Arena on December 2nd and 3rd.

One of the BABYMETAL members YUIMETAL is unfortunately not feeling well and doctors have suggested that it is in her best interest to not perform over these two days.

We regret to inform this unfortunate news and truly apologize in advance for all of the fans who were looking forward to seeing all three members play.

As an entire team, we considered canceling this performance, however, it was YUIMETAL’s strong desire to not cancel this performance for the fans who were waiting and looking forward to these performances. After long discussions and careful consideration, both SU-METAL and MOAMETAL as well as the entire BABYMETAL staff team came to a final conclusion to continue these performances for the dedicated fans who have been waiting for this special event as well as for team BABYMETAL. Therefore, we will hold these performances as scheduled.

For YUIMETAL who unfortunately will not be playing, SU-METAL, MOAMETAL, and the entire staff team would like to come together as THE ONE with all of the fans who will be coming to the performances. Team BABYMETAL would sincerely appreciate your love and continued support and would like to ask for your kind understanding.

BABYMETAL & the entire staff team